It is nice to win the admiration of those in our profession.
It is nicer to win it from our clients.

As advertising professionals, New West tries to put as much back into our market as possible. Often, this means supporting non-profit organization. It also means supporting professional organizations such as the Oklahoma City Advertising Club. This organization is the oldest continuous civic group in our market. To fund scholarships and other laudable events, it conducts an annual event known as the "American Advertising Federation Awards."

The stated purpose of the AAF Awards is "to recognize and promote outstanding advertising at the local level." Sadly, it is fatally flawed since it does not include any consideration for whether the advertisement actually achieved any sales targets.

New West has supported the awards because the event funds of the organization's college scholarship program.

It is notable that while supporting this event with entries each year, New West Group has been part of "Best of Show" on 3 separate occasions. Our agency also holds the record for the most first place awards won in a single show with 31.  That year, we also took home 8 additional awards out of our 40 total entries.  Our only entry that didn't win during that competition was in a radio category where we swept the first, second and third awards.

New West Group has also won a  plethora of other honors.  The Retail Advertising Marketing Association in Chicago recognized our agency for outstanding radio campaigns. The Large Screen Format Theater Association in Munich, Germany selected our opening campaign for Omniplex as the Best in the World out of one hundred opening worldwide that year. Even the Vatican honored New West for a public service campaign with one of their highly prized "Gabriel" awards. Only 3 such awards were awarded worldwide.